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The Marks Humans Leave Are Too Often Scars


check out number four omg one of the coolest things i’ve seen xx





 this year in Vancouver they painted rainbow crosswalks for PRIDE, turns out the city loved them so much they are keeping them permanently!

I found out about this and thought it was so cool I had to upload a picture

photo creds: x

correct me if im wrong but is that a straight couple walking on it?? like… u could have gotten an LGBTQ+ couple for the photo………. if im wrong correct me like i said but

^really? You kind of sound like a heterophobic. What did you expect the girl to do? Hunt down gay couple JUST to get a picture for tumblr? And how do you know that maybe that man, or woman, are bisexual? It is a beautiful photo, gay couple or not. The fact they are loving and holding hands is enough.



Please. ❤️

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